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Sailing Holidays and Travel in Turkey-with elpaso

Sailing Holidays and Travel in Turkey

El Paso Yacht Gallery

Luxury Yacht  Charter in Turkey, Bareboat Charter in Turkey,Gulet Charter in Turkey

With over 8,333 kilometers of coastline along the four seas, Turkey is a treasure chest of coves, inlets, bays and beaches at which yachtsmen can choose a different and private anchorage each night. The “Sailing Paradise” of Turkey is also home to the “Blue Voyage”… Do you dream of cruising the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas in tranquil splendour? Then our fleet of "Super Deluxe Yachts", luxurious and high standard custom built “Turkish Gulets", "Bareboats” and “Motorsailers”, drawn on traditional and authentic lines, are the answer to your reverie. The design of these yachts is based on space and stability and they are tastefully…. read more about sailing holidays in Turkey>>>

Blue Cruise Routes in Turkey

Paragliding in Oludeniz in Fethiye, Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archeological Museum, Charter in crystal clear waters in Gocek/Marmaris

The following itineraries available as regular, scheduled "crewed yacht charters" . If you wish to hire a yacht, you may like to use these itineraries as a guideline for your own "charter holiday" or perhaps even combine them to form an interesting two weeks itinerary such as Göcek to Kemer. These itineraries are the result of many years chartering experience. The ideal way to live in the historical sites, is to join a “Blue Voyage” with the comfortable atmosphere afforded by a “Gulet”. In the case of an experienced guide in the gulet, whose knowledge of the area is rich and whose personality is warm and humorous, the "blue cruise" in the crystal clear waters in other words in “Turquoise Coast” would easily be the highlight of a trip to Turkey. read more about Blue Cruise Routes in Turkey >>>

Diving Tours in Turkey

Diving Tours in  Turkey, Amphoras in Bodrum Museum, Scuba Diving in  Turkey

The diving areas around "Bodrum", "Marmaris", Kaş and Kalkan offer some of “the best preserved dive sites in the Mediterranean”. The water is for the most part very clear and in some places it is possible to see objects lying on the seabed more than ten meters below.The crystal clear turquoise waters of the "Aegean" attracts all types of "marine life" with its warm, calm, tide-free seas making this area ideal for both newly certified divers and more experienced divers looking for something different. Courses are available on board from our "CMAS" or "PADI" instructors, for beginners and experienced divers in daily tours or during the weekly cruises …. read more about diving tours in Turkey >>>

Hotels in Turkey

Divan Mares  Hotel in Marmaris, Dedeman Resort Hotel in Antalya, Grand Yazici Club Hotel in Marmaris

The hotels that we offering are the center of comfort with many of the facilities including wining & dining, sports, entertainment, fitness/recreation, beauty and health activities. Most of the hotels throughout the country are registered with the Ministry of Tourism which means that they abide by certain regulations and standard of facilities.Turkey has an unique potential even in terms of the "health&spa tourism". You will feel the warm “Turkish Hospitality” and the excellent services in all the fields. It will cause you to be relieved of the whole year's tiredness and you will meet many new friends! read more about hotels in Turkey >>>

Traveling in Turkey

The surrealistic landscape of Cappadocia, Saint Sophia Museum in Istanbul, Balloon Tours in Cappadocia

Let us embark you on your own flying carpet, and offer you the paradise on earth on a silver tray … You will enjoy the most beautiful scenery with a touch of history and archeology every minute of your vacation .The exquisite moonscape of "Cappadocia", the wonderful Mediterranean bays and inlets that used to be pirates' havens, the "sandy beaches" that stood silent watch as the earliest Merchant ships sailed by…Turkey a natural and cultural bridge on the "Silk Road", connecting Europe to the Far East… Beautiful and bountiful, Anatolia has been a passage for countless cultures since as early as 8000 BC and each has left its mark on her soil. You can trace in Turkey almost every civilization appearing in the history of Middle East. From the Lydians who minted the first coin in history to Hittites, Assyrians, Frygians, Troians and Amazons , from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantian cultures to the most striking monuments of Seljuk and Ottoman art, the land is one vast open air museum. And, building upon this venerable heritage, you will be able to see ... read more Traveling in Turkey >>>

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