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The experience of a Venus Yachting Blue Voyage can be a time to rejuvenate the spirit while you discover and experience more of the natural world. It can be a spiritual adventure as well as a worldly one. If you are a history lover, the Blue Voyage can take you to the wealth and power of bygone civilisations and ancient cultures. It can be an overwhelming experience to visit the private beach of Cleopatra, eternal fires of mount Olympus, Myria Rock Tombs, archaeological remains of ancient civilisations on land and under the sea around Fethiye.

On a Blue Voyage, you can leave behind the world of routines imposed on you by modern life and responsibilities. Most of us live out our lives in large cities where the city lights dull the brightness of the stars. On a Blue Voyage, while you lay out on deck at night, you can see all the stars as you hear and feel the lapping of the water against your boat. In the rush of city life it is possible to loose perspective on the value of health, rest, and relaxation. One a Blue Voyage, everything you hear, smell, taste, see, feel, and live can excite the mind and bring peace to the soul.
If your voyage coincides with the full moon you will be astounded by the it's size and magnificence lighting up the night sky. Slipping into the dark water for a night swim after a hot day can be a treat in it's own right. The peaceful quiet waters will cool you down for a restful and healthful night's sleep. Snorkeling along the brilliant coastlines in the noon day sun alongside the fish of many colours is another treat everyone can enjoy.

After a week or two afloat in this scenic wonderland, old and young alike find their own treasures and gifts... and will have many opportunities to revel in our healthy and happy environment.

What are kind of tours are available?
We offer two basic boating experiences. For the more experienced and licensed sailor and crew who are looking for an independent adventure with a minimum of guidance we offer a variety of bare boat rentals.

If you are looking for a fully guided, planned, and crewed adventure we can provide you with a traditional wooden sailing yacht which you can charter with a crew who will take care of your every need. Depending on the size of the yacht and the number of cabins available we generally book groups of between 8 and 14 people. A group of 8 people, for example, would probably take a yacht with 4 cabins. We can provide boats with as many as 10 cabins. If you are coming on your own without a group we offer single room bookings on chartered touring yachts in the location of your choice.

Between both ends of the yachting opportunity spectrum we offer bare boat rentals with a skipper as your host and guide... or any combination of the above. What ever you can imagine, we will do our best to provide.
Which season is the best?
Between the end of July and the beginning of September is height of our main sailing season. July and August are days are long and hot. The nights are warm. June, the beginning of July, and the month of September offer the combination of warm days and cooler evenings. The water is great for swimming until the end of October. The months of May and October are excellent for trekking and fishing.

How can we spend our time?
There will be many opportunities for water sports and activities, sightseeing. During the day you can cruise for a few hours and sail if the wind allows. Closer to lunch and dinner the anchor is dropped in a solitary bay or inlet, alongside a small village, or find a mooring off a small island. At every stop, and there will be at least two every day depending on your preferences, there will be opportunities to swim, fish, snorkel, windsurf, sun bathe, or take a trip ashore to see the sights or to read on the sun-beds on deck. There will be lots of recreation and relaxation. Your friendly and attentive crew can consist of a captain, cook, and a couple of seamen. Their job is to make sure that your are taken care of and that your needs are well met.

Cabin Charter

Cabin charter is ideal for your first sailing experience and singles or small groups not wishing to charter a full yacht. Hire a cabin on the scheduled Blue Cruise and join the rest of the voyagers. Voyagers on these tours may be from a variety of countries, which only adds to the interest and enjoyment. Meal times will provide you with a good opportunity to know one another and you will find that strangers who share a love of the sea and an interest in nature and history quickly turn into friends.

Cruise your cares away and start making new friends of your fellow voyagers! If you cannot get a group together so as to take your own yacht, you still have the opportunity to join one of our cabin charter voyages. Apart from private charters, we also offer voyages on a shared-yacht basis for individuals, couples and small groups.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the all inclusive pleasures of a cruise vacation. More singles, families, couples, and honeymooners are sailing away on the vacations of their dreams. Here are some reasons why:

1. The price of your cruise includes all of your meals & crew service. All onboard activities, as well as snorkeling and fishing. Not to mention a relaxing voyage to some of the most exciting and exotic places in the world.
2. You will find a gulet is a floating dream, with all the things a fine hotel has to offer and more. You will meet new friends and share new memories. You can spend your days and nights as lively or leisurely as you like.
3. Avoid the worries of having to make dinner or show reservations. No packing and unpacking. A cruise allows you to lie back and be completely pampered. Enjoy fabulous cuisine and one great sight after another. Let your cares float away and your dreams become reality.
Private Full Charter

Indulge yourself on the private gulets of Mediterranean. With attentive crew members, you'll enjoy an unmatched level of service. See exotic bays and ports accessible only from a small, intimate gulet. Enjoy on-board luxuries like en-suite accommodations and open seating dining, gourmet cuisine by Turkish chef, and a bar stocked to your specifications with soft drinks, wine, spirits, champagne - whatever you desire.

Swim, snorkel, windsurf, or kayak from your private gulet. You'd like shrimps or octopus in the dinner? It's yours, along with fish on the grill, at gulet's barbecue. Share this remarkable experience of Blue Voyage with your family or close friends. Incentive yacht tours with no fixed itinerary, generally following classical routes with modifications to accommodate individual schedules or desires.


Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum / Göçek - Marmaris - Göçek / Marmaris - Datça - Marmaris / Marmaris - Kekova - Marmaris ( 2 weeks ) / Marmaris- Fethiye - Marmaris


The classic Gulet, best known for its rounded aft, low profile in the water, and roomy hull, was once used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their catch. Today, the gulet is associated primarily with charter tours. Various designs have emerged, all of which come from the classic description of the traditional Turkish Gulet. For example, the original design had a rounded aft, but as this design limits the numbers of cabins which can be built on the boat modifications have been made. The "ayna kiç" (flat backed) style of the Gullet is becoming increasingly popular as a charter vessel.

As traditionally, the Gulet is handcrafted by master boat builders in Bodrum and Marmaris . The major advantage of this boat design is that it allows passengers plenty of space on deck and below. Gulet cabins are very popular as they are roomy and provide adequate space for storage. They are all about the same size and each one has either a double berth or a set of bunk-berths. Every cabin has a wardrobe for hanging clothes and a number a drawers. There is also room for storing bags and bulky items. Most cabins have their own en suite bathroom with either a shower hose attached to the basin, or a complete shower.

Living areas on the Gulet consist of a salon (some have a closable aft area instead), a deck area for dining, and an aft deck area for lounging in the shade of an awning, and a forward deck area with numerous sun beds which can be shaded with a canopy when the yacht is not sailing.

All yachts are equipped for safety as well as for convenience. They have VHF radios, flares, flags, first-aid kits, life jackets, extra sails, ropes, a small motor boat, and other safety equipment. For your pleasure and convenience many of the newer vessels have a stereo radio and/or cassette player, cellular phone, T.V., video player, and CD player.

A yacht's galley is always well equipped and the cook takes pride in creating tempting dishes of Turkish and international origins. Upon request, we can offer you a 'preference sheet' where you may list what types of food you like to eat, whether you have food allergies or any other special dietary requirements. The cook will try to meet your needs as far as possible.


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